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Trican Filtration Group Inc.

An Introduction to our HVAC Filtration Products

In today’s complex world, protecting people and machinery requires quality HVAC Filters.  Whatever your application and needs are, Trican has the right Air Filter for you. The use of Quality Air Filtration Products is expected and even demanded during these challenging times.  When it comes to Air Quality, People, Offices, Work Environments, Protection of Equipment and Environmental Impact all need to be considered and protected.   Trican offers HVAC filters that can not only collect Dust Particulate, but can collect Viruses, Prohibit Mold and  Mildew, Collect Dangerous Smoke and Gas Particulate, collect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and Gas Phase Odors.  Our Autobody Paint Diffusion Media is world Class.  Trican’s  supplies Air  Filters that are Green, using as much recycled material as possible during the manufacturing process.  Our Air Filters leave a smaller carbon footprint reducing waste by reducing filter changeout frequency.  It can take an equally complex combination of  commitment and scientific resources to design and build the best filters possible.  Trican’s products have a High Level of Research  behind them and are world leaders in filtration media and design.  Our Green Series Tridim and Viledon products offer quality and Performance with technology that captures  dust and pollutants.  Trican Air Filtration Products are the solution in solving your Indoor Air Quality Needs and concerns at Competitive Prices.

Trican’s fastidious Customer Service provides you the customer with peace of mind. We work hard to make sure our customers receive the highest quality of service and product.

Trican Filtration is also a leader in Plymovent Diesel Extraction Equipment and the removal of dangerous exhaust fumes from fire stations, truck shops and welding shops. We specialize in Fire House apparatus and diesel exhaust extraction. Trican provides systems, parts and service for Plymovent diesel extraction systems.

All of Trican’s Air Filtration Products are designed to meet the requirements of specific applications from the development of custom-made media through to the finished product. Our Products are used in General HVAC Systems, Clean Room Applications, Manufacturing Applications, Autobody Shop and Paint Shops, Commercial and Office Buildings, Airports and Processing Plants.

Our Air Filters Improve Air Quality, Protect Equipment, Improve Overall Personal Health and offer a cost savings.

Trican Filtration Group Inc. has provided World Class HVAC Filter Products to the Commercial, Automotive, Gas Phase Filtration, Manufacturing and Industrial Sectors in British Columbia and beyond since 1988. Trican’s High Quality Leading Edge HVAC products utilize World Class Materials with Sophisticated Research and Design.

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