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    $2,000 Per Month Gross & 3 months Steady Income Is All You Need!

    This Offer is Good for British Columbia Residents Only

    Want a break from payments? $0 Down - 6 mos No pmts (*oac) available

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Before you go looking for a vehicle, calculate your loan payment based on your credit score. It is fast and free. Click here for Car Loan Calculator.

Bad Credit Car Loans are not a Problem

Car Loans Canada BC will get you a loan even if bad credit car loans have been a problem in the past. You can still get a great newer vehicle for $0 down. You can be approved for any type of credit, good, bad, or even if you have no credit because you are new to the country or just starting out in life.

We work with Canadians every day who are blocked by credit problems due to divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions and sudden loss of employment who are faced with having to get a car loan with bad credit.

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Obtaining financing is as easy as showing a minimum of $2,000 gross monthly income. It’s that easy. You do not have to appear in person. This can be done by emailing proof of income such as pay stubs or other statements. You can be working as little as a month on the job to qualify. A letter from your employer can be proof enough to get you to qualify. A trade-in will work highly in your favor too because it shows proof of ability to pay


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Rebuilding with Bad Credit Car Loans

  • You will get  the Lowest interest rates associated with your credit score
  • You  can finance terms of up to 84 months and no payments for 6 months on approved credit
  • We have 26 years of expertise dealing with every possible credit situation.
  • If you have Good Credit you can get a rate close to prime.
  • If you have Poor Credit  we can get you the lowest rate possible and onto a credit  Repair program.
  • If you have Bad Credit  we can still take care of you by getting you a loan at a higher interest rate for a year and then getting a lower rate the following year.

No Payments for 6 months (oac)

If you want to take a payment break for 6 months then please request that in our additional info area on the application form.